Where the water starts?!

Water has represented and represents the essence of life. Water is the main factor within the planetary ecosystem.

The total volume of water on Earth is 1.35 billion km3 at surface + 8 million km3 in basement + 13.000 km3 in atmosphere. In percentage, 92.7 % of water is represented by the oceans, 2.15% is frozen water and 0.65% of water is represented as freshwater on Earth or atmosphere. Thus, freshwater constitutes 39.2 million km3 (2.7%) and is characterized by unequal distribution, and most of it must be be brought from polar areas.

Polluted water damages 25 times more of clean water. The industrial consumption of water is enormous: 40 l for for tin, 10 l for 1 liter of petrol, 27 l for a liter of alcohol, 200 m3 per tonne of steel, 3.5 m3 per tonne of cement.

At the individual level, the maintenance of body hygiene, body conditioning and strengthening requires a quantity of water estimated as 50-60 l / day per person. Household needs, the collective sanitation, water use for economic, industrial, urban purposes can raise very much the needed water value, which may exceed 1000 l/day per capita. The residual water is not suitable for use  over distances of thousands of miles and sometimes alter water resources not only at the local level, but also regionaly, nationally and even globally.

These needs require a water cycle in economy, which includes several steps of water treatment and purification.

Water is vital for a proper functioning of mind and body. An adult can live 3 weeks without food, but only 3-5 days without water. 57% of human body is represented by water and for its proper functioning, this quantity should remain constant. Inevitably, because of body functioning and metabolism, the body loses 1.5-2 liters of water daily through urine, feces, perspiration and respiration. A man can bear this loss about three days, but its efficiency decreases more. As a result the death follows.

The scientists have stated that for the proper body functioning, every person needs 2-3 liters of water daily for cold weather and about 4-5 liters for hot weather.

Without water, the man does everything in order to drink it. Mad of thirst, he can swallow even gasoline, antifreeze from car radiator or seawater. And if some liquids that seem to be good to drink are available, do not hurry to dring anything!

Basic rules:

Do not drink water with bad smell or taste; water with cadavers in it or in their neighbourhood, water with oily or milky cover.

If possible, drink only boiled, disinfected and filtered water.

Do not drink with large gulps. After a long lack of water, at first drink a little.

Never drink seawater.

You have to consider any water you find as polluted. Water can include the following components: solid impurities (inorganic, organic), chemical (heavy metals, halogens), living organisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites’eggs, etc..). Even very clean water (apparently) may be contaminated. The tap water is also polluted. And even the enticing brook might have passed through a village, or through a sheepfold, or over a dead animal. Although some survivors have drunk the most dirty liquids without cleaning them and nothing bad has happened to them, the danger of falling ill with cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, enteritis, hydatid cyst, etc. is too high, and the consequences are also dramatic, in order to assume the risk to do like them.

Our ancestors knew a lot regarding the unusual qualities of water. The modern man is possessing short memory. Energy properties of water can be called undoubtfully magical. That’s why in our folk tales, it is always spoken about dead and living water.

Water has a long capacity, even a permanent one, to conserve the energetic information, registering it someway in memory. Water is able to not only to memorize, but also to lave the strange energetic information, whether we are thinking about this property or not. That’s why it is common for us to wash in the morning, although it has been forgotten for what we are doing it.

There is also such a tradition, appeared from our ancient believers, to put overnight a cup of water at the end of the bed. It seems that every person had such a situation when early in the morning he/she wake up in a bad mood without any reason with a feeling like all the night he carried wood. Water can undertake by itself the bit, to remove the negative influence. In the morning this water has to be thrown immediately.

If you had a nasty dream and you are afraid that it could be a premonition, it would be enough to let off the tap water and tell it the dream you have seen. It is recommended as nobody to hear about your dream, while the tap water is flowing. Water will remove the bad content of the dream, as well as its influence upon you.

Water is also able to lead the welfare of your home. It is mandatory to watch any tap to not flow after closing it and to not leave it opened for a long period if it is not necessary. Anyway, any cleaning itself is a magic act, while it is flowing it doesn’t affect your welfare.

The ensurance of the necessary volume of water represents the major problem of the contemporary world. Our planet’s water reserves decrease due to multiple causes, but mainly as a result of the intense and continuous pollution of the great natural resources of water.

Water is perhaps the first of resources in the oceans, which currently requires to be used due to gradual depletion of freshwater resources from the hydrographic network of the continents. Desalinization is done either by means of osmosis or reverse dialysis using cellulose acetate membranes.

The current solution of improving the lack of water is to use it properly and to reduce the pollution. First of all, it is required to be changed the attitude towards the excessive water consumption with the environmental one, with economic consumption and minimal pollution, so to return the environment the consumed quantity of water closer to the natural features, preserving existing resources in order to be used without any risk and significant expenses by those that will follow after certain consumers.


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