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Planet’s ecological balance is seriously jeopardized. For the first time in its history, mankind came to be able to move materials, to produce energy and waste, in quantities of the same order and size as the nature. Man can, through its unconscious actions, cause – directly or indirectly – natural disasters (floods, droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes), nuclear accidents, etc. We can also mention the lack of water: in 2000 year one billion of people did not have access to safe drinking water and 2 billion lacked access to any water. If we speak about the lack of breathable air: millions of people asphyxiate due to the smog (poisonous fog caused by gases from vehicles). Running after money, mankind destroys itself through: pollution, genetic experiments made ​​without the necessary knowledge, use of antibiotics to fatten animals, untreated garbage, etc. And gravity of these problems is greatly emphasized by the spectacular growth of population on the planet.
Humanity is threatened by various biological threats: degeneration of individuals from societies and developed countries (due to sedentary lifestyle: obesity, serious illness, declining birth rates, etc.), as well as those underdeveloped (caused by hunger, significant growth of population, increasing violence and crime, etc.), reappearance of diseases, germs, parasites resistant to any known drug; terrorist use of nuclear or biological weapons, etc. We must recognize that besides some advantages (the easier way of obtaining the food, shelter, defense, etc., civilization and education produce ill effects on humans: deterioration of its vital functions, decreasing physical strength, decreasing fertility, decreasing survival instincts and combative spirit etc. We can notice also serious negative consequences: sedentary lifestyle, escape from reality (creating imaginary reality – see the “virtual” reality, drugs), etc. The significant increase of population, extreme poverty of those 6 billion people, stagnation or decrease of living standards because of unequal access to technical progress (2 billion people lack access to electricity), violent death due to numerous wars of all kinds, massive environmental pollution – all these dangers, vital for mankind are real.

Like any achievement in real life, survival requires conscious use of own physical and mental effort. Weaknesses of some people become advantages of others.

It is said that a Japanese and a Romanian went through the African savannah. Tired of road and heat, they found a tree and stopped happily at his shadow. They have undressed, unshod, and drank water. Suddenly, from a bush anhorrible lion has appeared who was going to attack the men. Both of them were paralyzed by fear. However, the Japanese quickly began to shoe. The Romanian onehas noticed that and asked the Japanese: “Do you think that with the shoes you will run faster than a lion?” “No” answered the Japanese while trembling, “just faster than you …”

In this hard struggle for existence (which, however, too many of us refuse to see), with inevitable winners and losers, winners and losers, survivors and those that have been gone, the problem of our nation’s survival has been and is actual till nowadays. Reread Eminescu’s Doina! Dangers are surrounding us everywhere, even if we try by all means (often successfully) all kinds of measures to attenuate the vigilance that we have.

The current “Transition” is not something that passes by so quickly: the future will be a permanent and continuous transition – to the unknown. Every moment is a transition one. Change and uncertainty will be the only sure thing. In the past century, world population increased for four times. Most people are living in cities. Science development (motivated significantly by the willingness to obtain material gains and not enough censored by ethical or moral criteria) has produced new and newer technology with a major influence on people’s lives: antibiotics, jet aircraft, genetic engineering, weapons of mass destruction, the Internet – and more. They have dramatically increased the density, intensity and pace of human interaction. Internationalization or globalization forward without limits and involve us all, with or without our will.

So what should we do? Maybe it will be better to ask the Earth to explain us some things that we cannot understand. Let’s remember how we dammed rivers entering into competition with nature and how we built all kinds of mines, destroying earthly thin crust of the Earth’s cheek, ransacking and destroying the balance created ​​by nature during millions of years. People have tried to take by force all that doesn’t belong to them. Then, after great wars and skirmishes, people were dividing the wealth torn from the Earth. The Earth shook under the feet of people wishful for power, wealth, blood and explosions in all kinds of weaponry, the latest achievements of human civilization, always used first of all for destruction.

The Earth suffered enormously, but it cannot endure the humans influence anymore, it shakes slowly, trying to escape from the civilized human. It leads to a hurricane, or it creates an earthquake in the poorest countries. Or it leads to the crush of the planes, that is the miracle of the technics that are bumping upon the Earth’s chest; or it is organizing other kind of catastrophes. The Earth suggests people that the civilized ones should maintain good relations with each other, with the nature that is surrounding their dwelling, with the Earth. Would we hear and understand these suggestions?


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